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4 Quarters SEO Audit Service

Q1  – Website Structure is your Foundation for Success

Your website is constantly expanding with new pages and blog posts. Over time unchecked growth can drag down your marketing results.  

Our first steps are to access your traffic and your Google Search Console. Then we get your list of prioritized keyword phrases you think are essential to your online success.

We cross-reference that with the keywords google has you ranked for, and then we pick apart your website.

Last we compare that list of ranked keywords against your competition to build a list of unranked yet essential keywords.

Now we review your content arrangement and the phrases you used to build those sections of your website. 

We Want to Identify

Keyword Cannibalization – You eat your own Google rank by overusing essential phrases. 

Missed Internal Links – Your internal link structure is a significant ranking factor. Are you missing opportunities, or have you linked unrelated topics?

Depth of Content – If you publish blog posts regularly without a good internal linking structure, you can devalue the content you paid your team to write.

Duplication and Titles – We want to ensure each page is unique and canonical.  

Quarter 1 Deliverables:   

  1. We give your team an action item list to adjust your internal links to improve your ranking. 
  2. New keywords to add to your list, potentially remove some older keywords
  3. We may have found other structural issues or technical issues to be resolved by your web developer
  4. Google My Business and NAP Directories to be included in *Possible*

Ideal Website Structure -The large dark green circle is the homepage.

Each lighter shade circle from green to orangey-yellow represents one additional click from the homepage.

The content supports main pages in balloon groups.  

Poor Website Structure – Notice the rainbow of circles trail away from the homepage. 

Q2  –  What Your Content Answers vs What Your Customers Ask Google

Everyone asks Google questions before they decide on a product or service. 

What time is the movie? Where is the nearest bank? Best place to Vacation in 2022?

Google is synonymous with looking something up or asking a Question. How Google arranges the answers is directly tied to the personal “Intent” who asks the question.

To be successful, you need to answer the question in a few different ways using the phrases you need to be discovered in Google.

We Develop 3 Good Lists of Phrases by Search Intent

Sales Phrases are the immediate need to buy a product or create a service appointment. 

Comparing Phrases – These are the phrases when the customer compares your product or service against the competition. 

Discovery – These are the early exploration phrases that help customers meet your brand, see your services or products and begin their journey towards becoming someone’s customer.

Peripheral Phrases – These phrases seem like they could be in the 1,2, or 3 phrase groups but are not good and damage your content’s chances of matching real customers’ search intent. 

Quarter 2 Deliverables:

  1. Product/Service Pages missing phrases to convert for revenue.
  2. Comparison / Discovery Content missing discovery phrases.
  3. Listing Phrases that are peripheral to your business need to be removed from the content. 
  4. We give you a list of content ideas with keyword phrases to fill content gaps that your competition uses to succeed.

Q3 – KPI – Seeking Opportunities for Improvement in your Metrics

How long do visitors stay on pages? Which pages have the highest entry and exit rates, and is there overlap? These are just a few essential questions we ask as we navigate your Key Performance Indicators. 

These questions are probably similar to the questions your team already uses to improve your website. It’s not the questions, as our fresh set of eyes generates new answers and potentially new tactics for your team to deploy.

Customer Interface Improvements

Mobile or Desktop – Which is your real profit driver, and how can the customer experience be improved? Browser Bias, Load Times, Content adjustment, and Structured Data can all be a factor. 

Abandonment from Sale/Service – Has something been missed in building trust between you and the customer?

Retention/Review or Both – How long between visits, sales or service requests. What is your review ratio to customers if the transaction is rarely repeatable? 

Q1 and Q2 Adjustments – Measurement of Q1 and Q2 improvements vs historical metrics

Quarter 3 Deliverables:

  1. Navigational improvements and calls to action on pages/posts
  2. Suggestions to improve capturing reviews onsite/offsite
  3. Using Keyword Phrases in Retention Strategies
  4. Additional Trust Building content onsite and offsite

Q4 – Offsite – The Competition vs Your Brand, Social Media And Backlinks

Where customers can find information about your products and services is considered offsite. We want to compare your internet footprint vs the competition.

We will discover many opportunities to improve your website and current marketing processes. 

We may discover new strategies your competition is using, so you may consider if you need to add them to your marketing strategies. 

Reviews and Brand Mentions are essential in this quarter. We want to see how many product/service discovery paths your competition has created to expand their reach. 

Engagement and Ambassadors 

Customers  – Do they continue to engage your social media? Do they recommend or promote your brand on their own? How about the competition’s customers?

Google Business & N.A.P. – Do you rank well locally in the map pack? Are your Name, Address, and Phone number identical across all the directories? Do you engage your audience using Google Business posts? 

Social Media – Do you sell thru your social media, or is it used to engage your customers as a top-of-mind marketing channel? How does your competition use social media?

Backlinks – Google built their search engine using a citation system, backlinks. The more trustworthy and prominent a website that links to you, the more Google can trust your content vs another page’s content. Today the link must also come from a related topic to be the most effective in your marketing. 

Quarter 4 Deliverables

  1. National or Local – We compile a list of websites and directories to be listed. 
  2. Reviews websites that drive results in the map pack and customer visits
  3. New Social Media Strategies to capture discovery visitors and drive engagement.
  4. Offsite content as a product/service discovery opportunity to generate new customers.  

Pricing Depends on Website Size and Competition

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