Personal Injury Marketing

Building and maintaining a personal injury law practice is a big task for any law firm.

Exemplar eases the weight on your shoulders by handling your marketing while you provide undivided attention to your clients.

“Kristoff provides insights and expertise into web marketing that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Keeping abreast and aware of Google’s constant algorithm changes, the latest web marketing, and SEO trends, is practically a full time job and requires constant vigilance and analysis. Kristoff interprets the most effective use of these new technologies and trends for our law firm’s purposes and success.

Kristoff is an integral part of our marketing team and he cares very much about our firm’s success. He keeps us informed of cutting edge marketing on the web and educates and guides us so that we learn to embrace new technology, web platforms, social media and many different forms of marketing on the web.”

Robin McCall Director of Public Relations at Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, PC

SEO For Personal Injury Lawyers Since 2003

We understand the intricacies of personal injury marketing.

For almost 20 years, we’ve assisted personal injury and mass tort attorneys across the United States.

Personal injury law firm SEO and mass tort marketing are among the most competitive areas of digital marketing.

If you are hoping to achieve a higher ranking and expand your clientele as a personal injury lawyer, trying to do everything yourself will not be enough.

To assist you in climbing above your competition and landing on the first page, you must engage the services of a top legal marketing consultant or an agency to get you the high volume of injury cases you need to thrive in your marketplace.

Exemplar is the place to find both.

You can use our entire team to do your marketing or bring in one of our consultants to augment your existing marketing team.

Personal Injury Marketing Campaigns Are Built From Many Channels

Channel 1Local

The local map pack and Google My Business. This is the local area in which a person searches Google for a “Car Accident Lawyer Near Me.” The search result is impacted by the exact spot they search using the GPS coordinates from their phone or IP address on their computer. Reviews and social proof play a big part in this marketing, as does Name Address Phone (NAP) links or citations from the directories online.

Channel 2 SEO Marketing for exact case page.

These are your case-generating pages: car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, and rideshare accident lawyer. These are examples of SEO marketing targeted to the exact intent of the individual seeking to hire an attorney in the accident case.

Channel 3 PPC Marketing

This is paying per click on Google, Bing, Facebook and more platforms to bring searches and traffic to your website when a prospective plaintiff starts looking for a lawyer. This channel is highly effective with the SEO Marketing Channel above.

How Long Does It Take Is Dependent On Your Personal Injury Competition

The area you work in or the region(s) you want to market into will be impacted by the strength of the competition.

Similarly, the number of resources you have to spend monthly can also delay the speed at which the volume of retained cases builds from the marketing channels.

  • Fast results are possible, but they will cost the most to achieve.
  • Slower results are just as achievable if you can wait long enough for the payoff.

Ideally, any personal injury marketing campaign is given a 3 to the 6-month runway to take flight and produce retained cases regularly fully.

How Do You Know How fierce The Competition Is In Your Area?

We will find out for you for free.

We will build a transparent action plan and give it to you for free.

You could use that plan yourself to improve your law firm marketing.

But we have been doing this since 2003.

We know lawyers want to be lawyers and not marketers.

We are Exemplar Legal Marketing.

Let us do what we do best while you win the cases.

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