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Get More By Extending Your Law Firm Reach

News websites are moving to paywalls to generate revenue from their news coverage. 

This makes it harder for plaintiff law firms to get their investigations, filings and settlements out to the consumers who a company’s products or services have negatively impacted. 

Lawyer4Lawsuit is working with law firms to step into the information gap and add important focused coverage to help consumers learn about both investigations and lawsuits that can impact their lives. 

3 Programs For Promotion and Advertising

  • News Article Publication
  • Mass Tort & Class Action Marketing
  • Personal Injury Marketing by City or Metro Area.

Why Choose Lawyer4Lawsuit (L4L)

We have successfully marketed for over 150 mass tort and class actions in our 20 years of legal marketing

We combine SEO and PPC into a unique service that generates plaintiffs and is the backbone of our client’s success. 

Lawyer4Lawsuit has an authoritative backlink profile from the government, transportation, rideshare and manufacturers.

Join Our News Feed and Increase Your Cases

Increase your law firm reach by utilizing our platform to feature your cases and practice areas.

Elevate your Attorney and Law Firm by linking your news coverage to your profile.

Please send us your important news coverage with citations and graphics/images. 

We will include your news coverage within our monthly news feeds. 

Join one of our news article programs: Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly

Your news article should include contact information for consumers to follow up in addition to the law firm or attorney profile on

We accept high-quality content in our News Section if it meets the following criteria.

  • Class Action or Mass Tort Filing News
  • MDL News
  • Consumer Awareness Initiatives
  • Recognition of a Verdict or Settlement
  • Recognition of an award for the attorney or law firm

News Article Publication Program

News Articles should be no less than 500 words. 

Graphics and Images: Minimum 1. Maximum 4 images per 1000 words. 

Images that can be included: attorney headshots, logos, and product or service ads.

Articles Per Month*Monthly CostYearly FeeYearly Savings
1 Article (Monthly)$250$3,000None 
2 Articles (Bi-Weekly)$450 (save $50)   $5,400Save $600 Yearly
4 Articles (Weekly)$750 (save $250)  $9,000Save $3000 Yearly

*Additional articles can be published and billed separately for $250 each.

Join Before 2023 To Get Additional Discounts

Articles Per Month*Monthly CostYearly FeeYearly Savings
2 Articles (Bi-Weekly)$375 (save $125) $4,500Save $1,500/year
4 Articles (Weekly)$625 (save $375) $7,500Save $4,500/year

*Additional articles can be published and billed separately for $250 each.

What type of content can be published on Lawyer4Lawsuit?

We will publish well-researched legal analyses or legal news articles to help educate professionals and consumers interested in emerging legal and business issues. 

  • We do not publish press releases as few people read them.

Instead, you should craft that press release into a compelling news article complete with appropriate links to sources and citations. 

And since we like to get to know our authors, we do not allow for single-article publication. 

  • We have a 1 article month plan to help any firm reach its target audience. 
  • We upload and publish our content with attention to detail.  
  • We develop an author biography and law firm profile for each author and organization.
  • Each article published on will cross-link with the author, the law firm and past published articles related to the subject matter. 

Our 20-year Search Engine Optimization experts will double-check your article and suggest improvements before publication to maximize your online reach. 

Mass Tort & Class Action Case Marketing

If you are seeking a lead plaintiff or additional plaintiffs for Class Action or Mass Tort Cases

  1. Join the News Article program and send us news about the investigation you have launched. 
  2. Create a Case Page, or we can build one for you. We attach a custom contact form to prescreen qualified leads. We can add secondary screening forms to facilitate faster retainer conversions. 
  3. Add a PPC marketing campaign if you need a lead plaintiff ASAP or if you want to locate as many plaintiffs as possible within your timeline. 

We build your case page and keep it up to date with additional content as needed.

Monthly Fee:  $1600 setup + $1000/month Yearly Fee – save 2 months.

Add PPC + Social Media Marketing

Sponsor Existing City Accident Pages for Personal Injury (L4L) is designed for plaintiff attorneys to retain new injury or lead plaintiffs.

  • 1 law firm per city for personal injury and accident attorneys
  • 1 law firm per class action
  • 1 law firm per mass tort  

Partnering with Exemplar on (L4L)

We use our experience and success to attract high-value clients, so we showcase your legal excellence on our website. 

We tailor all the landing pages for both SEO and PPC while including your law firm’s social proof, success and all the ways you want potential plaintiffs to contact you. 

We add your reviews, verdicts and settlements, awards, and even links to your website. 

These high-conversion landing pages are critical for your success.

But We Are Already Marketing In Our City?

Google allows up to 6 PPC ads to appear on a search result page.

Instead of appearing 1 in 6 all the time your ad appears, you could be 1 in 3 by doubling your reach.

Or you could be showing additional phrases you missed in your campaign.

It’s “Pay-Per-Click”, so doubling up costs little and doubles your chances of finding plaintiffs. 

Costs and PPC Budgets

The PPC budget for your city will depend on the density of your city and the number of metro areas targeted.

Targeting the entire city will maximize your reach, but in a metropolis like New York or Los Angeles, it will also drive up your PPC Budget.

Our Fee is a fixed fee per month that we determine after consultation with your law firm for reach, target areas and the types of damages a plaintiff has incurred from their accident.

Typically for smaller cities, our monthly fee starts at $1,000 and goes as high as $6,000 depending on the range of pages being targeted with PPC advertising and the competition within the metro areas.

Contact us for a free pricing consultation to define the PPC Budget and our fee to manage your campaign.