Mass Tort Marketing

Exemplar-LM is a legal marketing company with a proven track record of acquiring mass tort clients for law firms across the United States. 

Since 2004 our team has been creating online content to inform the public that their injuries are from a product, device or drug being investigated for mass tort litigation.

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Mass Tort Marketing is Different

Mass tort plaintiffs go through a discovery phase which leads them to Google.

The plaintiff learns of an FDA recall and asks Google, “does this affect me?”

Tapping into this plaintiff-driven inquiry is the most effective way to generate high-value cases.

In regular personal injury cases, the person knows exactly what happened and who was responsible for it, so they contact a general PI lawyer. 

In mass torts cases, the person probably doesn’t know why they keep getting sick after the heater-cooler blood system was used during their operation. 

They need a moment of discovery, and when they look up the issue, we put your law firm in the right place at the right time so they learn all about their legal options from you.

This generates a level of trust and expertise in the eyes of the potential plaintiff, so there is no hesitation when contact is made between that potential plaintiff and your intake staff.

Digital Marketing for Pharmaceuticals and Defective Products 

Exemplar-lm has marketed all the major mass torts for our clients in the last 18 years. We have used the law firms’ websites or built custom websites.

In some cases, we did both. It depends on our client’s needs and the urgency for retained cases. 

Our process of educating the public has resulted in our law firm clients retaining the highest quality plaintiffs at some of the lowest costs per case ever seen.

We build and deploy Mass Tort marketing websites that capture the most impacted plaintiffs for our clients.

Recently we launched as a new Mass Tort marketing portal as a central hub for Publicity, Plaintiff Acquisition and Branding for Mass Tort Law Firms.

When finding Mass Tort clients, we are the right marketing company.

If you need experienced consultants to revamp your Mass Tort Marketing Strategies contact us today at 1-250-507-2332.

Digital Marketing for Mass Tort Claims

Content Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

It would be best if you had an expanding content plan to detail the hows and whys of the injuries and the company responsible for them. People frequently turn to Google for guidance on all aspects of life, especially during serious trauma and tragedy. You never know all the exact phrases that will bring a prospective plaintiff or their loved one to your website.

15% of all Google searches each day have never been asked before.  So how do you build a strategy to be the answer these mass tort victims are searching for?  

The solution is tried and true. 

Understand the intent of the searchers’ questions to define better those directly impacted by the product, drug or device over those just curious about the case.

Then build your content to match the prospective plaintiff’s search. It sounds simple, but it’s not.

Search Intent is hard.

It’s like reading people’s minds but using search phrases as clues. It takes years to become great at it. Not good or OK, but great at it. 

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Google Ads vs Social Media Advertising

Paid marketing campaigns should be used as a driving force for the search phrases that work to bring in your high-quality leads. These phrases result in the most qualified leads matching your internal screen and becoming retained cases.

Depending on your organic positioning in Google, you can use these top-end phrases to add additional cases and deny other firms these high-value cases. If your organic positioning is not as high for specific phrases, you can use PPC as a stop-gap until you achieve the top position in Google. 

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Spending Your Law Firm Marketing Dollars Wisely

Mass Tort Marketing is both a sprint and a marathon.

You must acquire enough mass tort cases to get a seat at the table for the MDL or even be on the steering committee. This is the sprint part. You want to get up and running fast, and in the early days, you may want to do it without letting the other mass tort lawyers know you are acquiring those cases.

The partners in your firm now have some decisions to make with your marketing team.

Do you run TV Commercials?

TV ads can be incredibly effective, but they can also notify other mass tort lawyers about your case and that you believe in it enough to spend on TV or Satellite Radio.  

Our staff commutes with Satellite Radio playing the news constantly so we can discover new ad spends by other mass tort law firms and launch counter-marketing to acquire plaintiffs that just discovered they might have a mass tort case. 

Those people, whether they saw an ad on TV or heard it on the radio, will go directly to their phone or computer and ask Google all about that lawsuit advertisement, and we want our clients to be found instead.

Content Marketing For Mass Tort Cases

This is the marathon part of Mass Tort Marketing. 

Marketing for these cases can go on for years, and being in the top positions in the search engines for the longest time possible is the most effective way to consistently acquire mass tort cases. 

Potential clients need to see your law firm in Google search results repeatedly.

Each time they scan the results, you are building trust, and when they decide they need to talk to a lawyer, your law firm brand seems familiar. 

Your marketing efforts to drive phone calls, chat conversations and email inquiries to your intake staff help to build this trust, screen these self-qualified leads and identify high-value mass tort clients.

Digital Ads And Other Media Channels

Word of mouth lives again with shared TikTok videos or Instagram Streams. Finding the right message to amplify on these new social media channels has the potential to knock TV ads out.

Youtube and Google Ads are a no-brainer once you have invested in content marketing. Otherwise, the costs for the ads can skyrocket when the visitors understand the message but aren’t sure you are the firm they should trust to handle their case.

Once you pay to have potential clients land on your content, you have to win their trust. If you only have a single page or a small collection of content about that mass tort, the chances are high that you will get some cases but not the majority of the clients you paid to educate about the lawsuit. 

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) and Expertise Authority and Trust (EAT) algorithms are not just Google cracking down on other industries. These Algorithms matter more for Mass Torts than even banking or the healthcare industry. 

The reason is your content deals with both issues. 

You talk about all the injuries and medical expenses and discuss your experience securing hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of your clients.

Those two things are both tied to YMYL and EAT. So you better have your website set up with the best structure to support your experience in the mass tort practice.

Exemplar Marketing Campaign

Our approach to Mass Tort marketing campaigns differs from the rest of the legal marketing industry. We generate leads from the target audience with their search intent in mind. 

This marketing strategy saves you money on a per-case basis and allows you to spend on securing the best organic position. All to bring in potential plaintiffs that meet your screening and complete the signed retainer.

If you want to rank higher, sign more plaintiffs and own the mass tort space, call us today for a free no-obligation consultation about your mass tort and the cases you need to steer your success.