At Exemplar Legal Marketing, we focus on many different types of Online Marketing.

We’ve established a name for ourselves by building strong connections, providing exceptional customer service, and offering creative marketing strategies over the course of nearly two decades of internet marketing.

We help you create pages that help your visitors see your expertise, authority and trust in all your practice areas.

Exemplar-LM provides strategic marketing and planning for the future so that you can set longer-term goals with our custom adaptive marketing for the shifting technologies.

Even if you currently have a limited internet footprint, we can help your company fill key niches that fit your business model.

eCommerce Marketing Services

eCommerce Marketing

Your eCommerce presence is more than simply a shop. We assist you in developing your goals, tools, channels, and processes that will result in increased returns on your investment. We build custom Shopify and WooCommerce websites to meet your needs.

Exemplar Legal Marketing Services

Legal Marketing

At Exemplar Marketing, we’ve established a name for ourselves by building strong connections, providing exceptional customer service, and offering creative marketing strategies.

SEO | PPC | Clients | Reporting | Mass Tort Marketing

Exemplar Real Estate Marketing Services

Real Estate Marketing

Find Sellers Before Everyone Else!

You cannot ignore the power of digital marketing, especially if you are in real estate. More potential home buyers use the internet to conduct thorough research before viewing the properties.

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing and consulting services, including SEO, SEM, content marketing, link development, website design, and website customization.

Exemplar LM Website and Marketing services

SEO & SEM Marketing

Our Marketing service is customized for you.

You define the ideal customer, and we will build the framework for that type of person to find you online.

Digital Marketing

With our 18 years of internet marketing, we have the expertise to improve your marketing.

Your Brand

Are you unsure of what you require? We’ll sit down with you to devise a marketing plan that establishes your knowledge to customers and builds your brand.

A Roadmap

Competition is everywhere in business, and we need to be agile with algorithm updates. We will continue to revise the marketing plan as market forces dictate.

Your Website

We construct a bespoke website structure matching your long-term web marketing goals. Then we utilize eye-catching visuals and high-quality information to stand out from the crowd.

Website organization is as important as the visual looks. We can create the “Look” you want with the structure needed to jump your online competition.

Our Website Services


High-quality, engaging content is necessary for any marketing plan. To impress readers and establish you as an authority, we provide the framework that matches people’s questions while searching for answers.

We can teach your communications staff how to generate the content you need for your content marketing campaign or write all your marketing content for you.

Social Media

These days, all businesses need content to attract attention.

Social Media Channels for Syndication and Remarketing Source

GMB, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are all places to connect your content with the public. Let your practice area knowledge shine as a beacon to attract visitors.

Web Design and Architecture

Your business needs a brilliant website that grabs people’s attention and converts viewers to clients.

We plan, design, and build that website for you. Then we offer testing and analytics to ensure the website provides

Link Building

Links are vital to any web marketing campaign. They help establish credibility and are factors in a website’s popularity. We develop content that generates inbound links critical to any web marketing campaign.

They help establish credibility and are factors in a website’s popularity. We develop content that generates inbound links from trustworthy sites to boost your search engine ranking.

Our Marketing Services

PPC Campaigns

With 60% of Google searchers clicking on a paid result, pay-per-click advertising is an important marketing tool, especially key content metrics like search engine optimization, time on a page, and bounce rate. We develop and implement PPC campaigns to get you highly qualified leads that convert into high-value cases. We also land them at a cheaper cost than most.

Content Marketing & Search Intent

For SEO work to be most effective, we know that the intent of your audience needs to answer the “intent” of their original search. If a business doesn’t answer the customers’ questions, they move on to another company that does. The product reviews should also answer any important buying questions when it comes to products. Finding a smooth way to facilitate both is where we come in.

Analytics, Analysis, and ROI

We provide you with analytics, analysis and key performance indicators that tell you how successful your digital marketing campaign is.

Our clients trust us to provide guidance and support as they make vital decisions about their marketing.

We’ll give you data about your web marketing results and provide you with options to determine the best course of action.

We pride ourselves on being incredibly responsive to changing trends in marketing strategies.

You’ll stay ahead of the competition when it comes to your marketing.

5 Mistakes In Digital Marketing

Questions for Us?

If you have questions about any of our marketing strategies or are unsure of what your firm needs, we’ll provide you with detailed information to make the best decisions for you and your firm.

Strategy Management For Customized Marketing Campaigns

Do you want a marketing agency that offers your business the attention it deserves?

Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

You want your business to be successful for years to come. We’re here to help ensure that happens.

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