5 Mistakes in digital marketing campaigns

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to rank organically in large cities, therefore Google Ads will become an increasingly important part of your digital marketing plan. And that means you need to be on top of your dental internet marketing game.

Five mistakes we see in digital marketing campaigns in the professional and medical service industries: Dentists, Plastic Surgery, Chiropractics, Massage Therapy and Optometrists

1. Directing ads visitors to your homepage instead of a landing page

Let’s use dentistry as an example:

It’s only natural to direct a patient looking for an “Invisalign dentist” to your website’s home page.

This is not effective

Custom landing pages boost conversion rates and decrease the cost per acquisition of each new patient.

Here’s why

Landing pages are, by design, only about one thing: whatever you’re promoting.

If a potential patient searches for “Invisalign dentist near me” and clicks on your ad, a jam-packed page with information only about the Invisalign method will appear.

It will engage your potential patients with engaging text, photos, and compelling video by addressing their concerns and desires, questions and objections without even speaking to them.

Google considers that method by boosting your quality score, which lowers your CPC and cost to acquire a new patient.

A landing page’s goal is to divert the visitor from further research. Once the consumer has decided, they should call your office or, even better, book an appointment online.

Many of your visitors will become distracted and begin looking around if you’re currently targeting your ads to your homepage.

The objective of most websites is to educate rather than persuade or convert.

2. If you’re not remarketing, you’re leaving money on the table.

Not everyone who clicks on your online ad will book an appointment. Conversion rates differ significantly depending on the type of service you’re selling.

While general dentistry Google advertising typically yields increased new-patient conversion rates, specialty services such as cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and sleep apnea have lower overall conversion rates.

Patients who require specialized treatments conduct more research and ask a more significant number of questions before deciding. Retargeting these visitors with other ads can be highly effective.

Adding a Facebook remarketing pixel to your landing page is all it takes to have your brand and product display ad shown in the searcher’s Facebook and Instagram feed over and over.

Remarketing, by nature, is about keeping your solution top of mind so that the time comes when the searcher is ready to make a purchase, you will be their first choice.

What’s the best part? You don’t have to pay for those advertisements that follow your audience until they take action, click on your ad, or visit your landing page.

Remarketing can be the least expensive form of brand awareness imaginable.

At the most basic level, it’s an incredible bargain for brand recognition.

This technique isn’t limited to pay-per-click campaigns; remarketing may also be used for website traffic.

3. Paid calls mixed with regular calls

In all types of digital marketing, you should utilize custom phone numbers for online advertisements that redirect to your business number.

Why should you care about custom online phone numbers?

You should expect accurate results when you’re paying good money for pay-per-click marketing.

The tracking numbers will show you how many calls each campaign received and allow you to listen to the calls to ensure that you’re reaching the correct target.

4. Slow to respond

If a lead completes a form on your landing page, you have less than 15 minutes to contact them and set up an appointment.

You’ll lose the lead and waste your money if your staff can’t check and respond to email within a few seconds.

Please make sure that your team knows you’re about to begin a digital marketing campaign and inform them about any marketing incentives.

Run tests to be sure the emails arrive in the right staff’s computers or phones.

Wave goodbye to that customer if your email is only checked occasionally throughout the day.

To hold the team accountable, you may want to set up forms to copy any form submissions.

Given the option to quickly pick a suitable time via an online app, tons of potential patients will choose the digital choice.

5. Not selling your brand and your culture

Your brand determines whether a customer reaches out to your business or searches for another solution on Google.

It would help if you aimed to distinguish yourself from the competition by establishing a distinct identity for your practice.

The first step in distinguishing yourself is to have a solid landing page that informs potential patients who you are and why your practice is unique from the dozen other choices readily accessible on Google search results.

People are also concerned with location. Include a map or photograph of your office near the top of the landing page.

Add a photo of you and your team smiling relaxed and warm setting.

Videos are an excellent method to demonstrate off your workplace and staff.

Include testimonials that highlight what makes you unique.

If you’re already active on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, do a little double-check your campaigns to make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes?

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