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drive revenue

You need high-value cases that help you build your law firm and ensure your continued success. To get those clients, you need a compelling marketing strategy.

A big part of that marketing strategy is your content. More specifically, it is your content marketing.

Content marketing involves developing a content strategy that is relevant to your target audience. It establishes you as an authority in your chosen area, or areas, and provides a valuable resource for clients.

A content strategy drives traffic to your website while establishing and supporting your law firm's brand. It is the heart of web optimization, which ensures your website ranks high enough in search engines to be found by the clients you want, when you want them.

When it is done properly, an excellent content marketing strategy raises your firm’s profile and increases business.

Our Content Marketing Strategies

That’s where our Client Marketing service comes in. With our specialized knowledge, we create and develop customized content marketing campaigns. We build a relationship with you, so we can provide content that fits your law firm’s brand and gets your vital message out to readers.

We identify your goals and develop a plan to create engaging content targeted to your potential clients. We then provide that content, complete with SEO optimization, to ensure your content gets noticed.

Once the content is created, we publish it to the sites that are best suited to enhance your web presence. Our job doesn’t end when your content is published, though. We use detailed tracking and reporting to determine how successful your campaign is.

We provide content that is evergreen, meaning it is always relevant and fresh for readers, and that supports emerging or ongoing campaigns.

If you already have your own communications team, that’s no problem. We can train them in creating captivating evergreen content that grabs readers’ attention and boosts your online profile.

Law Firm Marketing
is not What it Used to Be

These days the first contact a potential client has with your firm is often your online content. Your website, articles, and other online documents could be what determines whether or not clients reach out to you. You need content that positions you as an authority on relevant topics and converts viewers into leads.

You need content that informs, inspires and engages your readers, and that encourages them to take action. You need high-quality content that ensures your law firm stands out and establishes trust with your potential clients.

At Exemplar Legal Marketing, we factor in your needs and your clients’ needs to develop a content marketing strategy that you can build your law firm’s future on. We are dedicated to helping you bring in the clients you need, and we are passionate about providing top-notch, personalized service.

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